Mr B.S Lawal Director, Hazardous Materials Management and Environmental Safety

Background Information of the Department

The department was created with the need to ensure Environmental safety in handling and disposal of hazardous materials as well as improve life quality, reduce accidents and injury, illness and diseases among workers in the industrial and health sectors, while enhancing conducive and healthy environment for citizens in the State.

Statutory Functions

The Department is responsible for the following

  • Ensures continuous improvement of safety culture, security compliance and responsible chemical handling through routine inspection to all industrial and commercial facilities within the State.
  • Ensures compliance with job specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), use of appropriate signage and training on safety, health and environment in the industries.
  • Conduct chemical inventorization to enhance the tracking of chemicals from cradle to grave.
  • Management of Spillages within facilities in the State.
  • Execution of strategies for the management of hazardous materials through reuse and recycling of waste materials from Aluminum and Steel smelting industries (dross, slag, carbon soot, oil, e-waste, batteries etc. from industrial activities and Accredited Agencies.
  • Destruction of hazardous materials (expired/damaged/obsolete intermediate or finished products) such as pesticide residues, asbestos, disinfectants, pharmaceutical drugs, radioactive materials, infectious waste and other chemicals)
  • Registration of Hazardous materials vendors in the State.
  • Issuance of Certificate of safe disposal of hazardous materials