Mrs. A.A. Sowunmi Director Planning, Research and Statistics

The department was established to focus on matters relating to policy formulation, keeping statistical data collection, analysis, storage, retrieval and dissemination, programme/projects design, performance monitoring & evaluation, rolling plan preparation and external relations.

Statutory Functions of Planning, Research & Statistics

The department is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Planning, Research and library services Unit
  • Development of long, medium and short term plans and Annual Budgets for the efficient performance of the Agency, vis- a- vis tracking of Budget performance;
  • Monitoring of activities in respect of set targets of the Agency and carrying out effective monitoring and evaluation appraisal of projects as at the when due;
  • Impact assessment of projects and programmes of the Agency using the relevant indicators;
  • Research into areas of interest of the Agency with the aim of building a Viable Data Bank for reference purposes;
  • Provision of library services ;
  • Production and coordination of data requirements in respect of the Agency technical aids and external assistance.
  • Preparation of quarterly and yearly reports of the Agency’s programmes and projects.
  • Statistic Information and Communications Technology Unit
  • Collection, collation , analysis, interpretation and publications of information for policy making;
  • Create and maintain database of suppliers and contactors of the Agency requirements;
  • Publication of monthly quarterly and annual reports of the Agency;
  • Establishment and maintenance of the Agency electronic Database.
  • Processing and Review of Environmental Audit Report (EAR) of Industrial facilities.
  • Computerize the activities of the Agency for an effective Management Information system;
  • Collecting user requirements and initiating idea for software development;
  • Recommendation of information system gadgets and services;
  • Sales of statistical publications.
  • Registration of Environmental Consultants.
  • Emission Control and Petroleum Storage Permit Unit
  • Vehicular Emission Control
  • Okada & Tricycle Emission Control
  • Generating Sets and other Equipment Emission Control
  • Permit for all Petroleum Storage Categories (AGO, Kerosene, PMS, Engine Oil, Used Oil)
  • Monitoring of activities of Automobile Technicians and Allied Tradesmen in the State.
  • Review of Audit Report of Petrol Filling Stations & Air Dispersion Modeling Reports of Industrial Facilities.