The Ogun State Environmental Protection Agency was established through the Ogun State Edict No. 1 of 1995. With the creation of the Ministry of Environment by the Administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the Agency is under supervision of the Ministry. The Ministry, in accordance with the provision of the Edict, has the responsibility for the protection and development of the environment in the State, and in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Environment. In Specific term, OGEPA is expected to undertake the following:

a) Collaborate with FME in conducting public investigation on major environmental issues; b) Collaborate with Federal and State Ministries, Local Government Councils, Statuary Bodies, Research and Educational institutions and NGOs on matter relating to Environment; c) Collaborate with the State Ministry of Environment in preparing the annual State of the Environment report; d) Enforce environmental laws of the Federal Government and State; e) Institute compliance and monitoring environmental laws, rules and regulations; f) Carry out such other activities expedient for full discharge of the functions of the Agency under the Edict.
The Ogun State Environmental Protection Agency (OGEPA) was created in 1995 through the OGEPA Edict No. 1 of 1995, currently OGEPA Law No 2 of 2003. The Legal Instrument stipulated the constitution, powers, fund and finance as well as the administrative management of the Agency headed by the General Manager, who is both the Chief Executive and Chief Accounting Officer of the Agency. The statutory functions of the Agency are: i. Establishment and enforcement of relevant Environmental Standards, regulations and laws. It also has the mandate to enforce in conjunction with respective Federal Government Agencies, National Environmental Laws, Standards and Regulations as the minimum for the State; ii. Public enlightenment and awareness of environmental issue; iii. Research and survey on environmental issues and publication of the results on same either on her own or in collaboration with other organizations; iv. To conduct a programme of continuing surveillance and of regular or periodic inspection of actual or potential contaminant or noise sources, of public water suppliers, and of refuse disposal sites; v. Put in place mechanisms towards prevention and mitigating environmental pollution in the State; vi. Advice the State Government on environmental matters as it may affect the State for development of corresponding policy


To adopt Global Best Practices in environmental management with a team of qualified, well equipped and committed workforce.


To always adopt proactive measures for an efficient utilization of resources that will ensure a sound Environmental Management for Sustainable development.


Actively and diligently attending to our individual responsibility will lead to a safer Environment. Hence, our guiding principle is proactive Environmental Friendly ACTION.