Mr. B.S Lawal, Director Inspectorate, Compliance and Monitoring

The department ensures that organizations identify the performance standards they are yet to attain in terms of environmental management and ensure regulatory standards are strictly adhered to in a bid to achieve and sustain an environmental friendly operation. It also assists in bringing to the fore various aspect of industrial, commercial or services that have negative implications on the environment with a view to address the problems with Best Available Technology (BAT) at reasonable cost vis-à-vis ensuring the compliance of industrial operations with the extant Laws and Regulations.

Statutory Functions of Inspectorate and Compliance Monitoring

  • Promotion of compliance of the State’s extant Laws and Regulations on organizations for sustainable environment management through regular monitoring/inspection and evaluation of industrial facilities in the State.
  • Enforcement of all relevant Laws and Regulations on Industrial and other commercial activities or services with negative impacts on the environment.
  • Attending to public complaints on issues of environmental pollution and degradation.
  • Encouraging industries in the State to adopt Best Available Technology (BAT) practices including clean energy in their operational processes for optimal environmental performance.